Artistry in Motion is a New York-born clothing company focused on transforming the natural movements of day-to-day life into intelligently designed apparel.

Like the experience of higher learning, Artistry In Motion will accompany you and your comrades as you all develop into your future selves.  Growing into your own person, finding, and expressing yourself during these formative years can be a challenge.  Why not look good, and in turn, feel good?  A simple and clean idea with active influence is what Artistry in Motion is about. 

Highlighting the aesthetic beauty created by human interaction with the world, and inspired by the Ivy League and University culture, Artistry In Motion brings new meaning to the phrase “going through the motions”.  With simple, yet timeless patterns and colors, Artistry In Motion is sure to motivate your inner letterman. 

Style, energy, and personality are provided by you, but with Artistry In Motion’s functional and forward apparel, YOU become the Artistry In Motion.

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