Long ago our ancestors believed that nature and the human spirit were intertwined. They worshipped deities symbolic of water, earth, air, fire, and all other aspects of the cosmos. One affected the other, affecting another, and the world as they saw it was connected. Free Nature is here to re-establish the connection.

Based out of New York, Free Nature sprouted from the realization that, presently, nature and its inhabitants need to reconnect. From rain dances to making it rain we have misconstrued what it means to be one with the universe. Free Nature apparel is motivated by the great outdoors and what lies beyond the horizon. Whether it is buried underground, growing in the savannah, or hidden in a cave long forgotten, we are inspired by the natural occurring patterns and ancient ideas our ancestors left for us to decode.

All Free Nature apparel offers technical ability, practical details, and impeccable style, avoiding the use of additional zippers, pockets, and non-functional details. No need to be wasteful. These garments and accessories are upgraded traditional outdoorsmen gear – great for the city, but even better in the wild.

Like a flower growing out of the concrete, Free Nature wants everyone to go into the wild and show it who is in charge. Let’s flourish together.

Free Nature.
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